Experience counts!
When you enroll your kid into a school or any course, what is the first point you look at?
If it is academics then you would like to know everything about the curriculum, the
teaching methods, and the expertise of the faculty or the teaching staff. Similar queries
are posed when you join the ward for sports as well. Experience is the main criteria
with which we gauge the place of education or coaching or activity centers. A kind of
trust and is by default created when we tend to hear the number of years the place or
the faculty is bagging in the respective areas.
Tutorials which are considered to be a second school for many students across the
country or even global, while registering the kid we check the expertise or skill set of
the tutors. When it comes to Serendipity education you can have complete faith in the
tutors. Mr. Kondal Reddy, is a subject matter expert in mathematics, is the primary
person who connects with every student not only on the personal level but also ensures

that all the methods and concepts of the subject mathematics are well explained and
imbibed by each of his students.
Although the teaching method is online tutoring which gives you the freedom of
learning from the home’s comfort, Mr. Reddy who is a mathematics tutor for the past
two decades guides each of his students with immense patience which develops
immense confidence on the subject.

IB or IGCSE mathematics in Hyderabad
Mathematics is a subject that originated ages back. A prime subject that has helped
many great minds across the globe over the years to create and resolve theories,
equations, and varied formulae. Coming to the basics, mathematics helps in better
learning and understanding of many other subjects as well.
Any curriculum, mathematics is considered a core subject which is expected to be
understood and explored as the move higher in the academics. For a few, this very
subject can be a great challenge. Serendipity education is for all those who are looking
for a little assistance in understanding the subject irrespective of IB or IGCSE syllabus.
Hyderabad is a hub for many schools with IB and IGCSE as its core curriculum,
mathematics is the main part of this prospectus. Students require a good faculty who
can ease the difficulty of understanding the concepts of the subject. Similar faculty, you
can always attain through our tutors at Serendipity education. Hyderabad is a vast city
and populous, it might be not easy to travel to the tutors or the tutorial points. We at
Serendipity education have made it simpler by offering classroom experience through
our online tutorials. If you would like to know better about our services visit our

The world is full of options it is no less when it comes to education too. Across the globe,
there are many academic choices, different boards, varied subjects. But all through any
academic, mathematics stands out as a prime or major subject. It is considered
important and is imbibed in the syllabus because, it is not only a subject that requires
digits, units, or measurements. It is a subject that increases logical thinking, analyzing,
decision making, and other soft skills too. This subject is mostly introduced in the basic
grades or the starting years of schooling, and it is moved to different levels.
Irrespective of the different boards like IB, IGCSE, State, Central, and many more,
mathematics is a compulsory subject in many schools in both our country and other
countries across the globe. Most of the subjects have alternates but mathematics being a
major subject in all the academic boards does not only have alternate but has different
concepts. This subject is also considered tough by a majority of the students. Although
we give the best to our kids, there are chances of they requiring assistance from either
parents or other sources like tutorials. Tuitions or tutorials often require physical going
to the place and learn. Even the education sector has started using technology to the
maximum, which gave birth to concept like Online tutoring.
Serendipity education follows the idea of online tutoring and is a known tutorial in all
the prime cities of China like Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tianjin, Shenzhen,
Guangzhou, Chengdu, Dongguan, and Chongqing. The forte of Serendipity education is
each faculty is adept with the subject mathematics and teach them by following the
concepts of learning and growing. Confidence and expertise on the subject are achieved
through our online tutorials. From the comfort of home, you can receive a classroom