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Mr Reddy is IGCSE Maths past papers question and answers explaining in Mumbai . IGCSE 0580 Extended Maths Students Can join in my event. Interested IGCSE students can add my Skype address: ykreddy22 . I am going to explain all questions with the Basics and Concepts . IB Mathematics tutor in Singapore IBDP Mathematics HL senior teacher is available for concepts explanation. Singapore best ib Maths tutor . Mr Reddy is 20 years experienced Maths tutor . I am going to take Online ib Maths classes to explain IB Mathematics HL worksheets.


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Mr Y Kondal Reddy is Best IB Mathematics tutor in Bangalore. I have 20 years experience as a maths teacher. I feel that “Practice Makes a Math perfect “I can assure to make a difference in your child’s progress. I am giving my Best n Experience and Expertise Teaching all country 5th to 12th classes students .I am a full-time IGCSE & IB mathematics tutor offering a personalized service in Bangalore .  I have in-depth knowledge in IB Maths HL, IB mathematics SL and IB Mathematics studies.  How to get basics and concepts across to students. I also offer online tuition using Skype for IB Math HL, Math SL, Math studies or for AP level Math or A/AS levels Math or for IGCSE Math Core, extended Or IGCSE International Math.Online Skype Math Tutor for IGCSE Mathematics (0580), IGCSE Additional Mathematics (0606), and IGCSE International Mathematics (0607) for more information Please add My Skype: ykreddy22 .I teach to the students with Basics and Concepts from the beginning each topic. I feel that “Practice makes a Math perfect “I can assure to make a difference in your Child’s progress.I helped many students dramatically improved their academic performances. I am offering online tutoring services for students all over the world.. Normally I will let students send me questions or topics they feel difficult before the class, then I will prepare individually tailored classes for each of my students. In this way, the class is high efficient and students can learn more in less tutoring sessions.


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IB Maths Specialist
Over 20 + Years of Experience .Mr Y Kondal Reddy believes in making each child capable of solving maths problems themselves and so he explains each concept thoroughly which makes children understand the basics of the problem which in turn enables them to solve even most difficult questions out of the text.

Why Online Tutoring is best ?

1. No travel time or expenses.
This makes lessons cheaper and often far easier to schedule. As both tutor and student are working from home, it is usually much easier to find a convenient time for bot to work together, as commuting doesn’t have to be taken into account and there are no extra costs for fuel or public transport tickets.

2. Students become more confident using technology.
IT skills and fears about technology are the biggest barrier for parents in signing their child up to online lessons, but, more often than not, children are much more capable with the technology than their parents expect them to be!

3. Easy access to everything you need for a session.
Many students find it a lot easier to organise themselves online, as they don’t need to remember to bring everything they need to a lesson. As long as what they need is at home, they always have it available during our time together.

4. Screen sharing brings students closer
Screen sharing via Skype allows students to be so flexible with how they work on documents, allowing either one the student or tutor to share documents easily with each other!

5. Skype chat instant messaging
This is so useful, as the notes remain there after the lesson, meaning that students can log in to their Skype account and use them for homework any time they like.

7. Being in their home environment
This can be a huge benefit for some students, as they are working in a space which is familiar to them and where they feel comfortable.


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✔ 20 plus years experienced, highly qualified Indian math teacher offers one to one lesson in maths for IGCSE ,IB all grades up to 12 Grades levels
✔ Providing IGCSE IB math lessons in very simple ways including the basics of maths which will helps in your exams and the future studies.
✔ Thousands of hours tutoring and teaching experience in all levels of Maths, Math, Mathematics IB MATH
Research studies have consistently shown that children who excel at math are more proficient in other fields of life compared to their peers. We believe that every child can excel in IB maths with practice and efforts.
Study smarter wherever you are with Online Private Tuition Our online one-on-one tuition is provided so that you get the attention you need to understand your subjects and ace your exams. Our elite IB tutors are experts at making complicated concepts seem easy. We use the newest, most effective online teaching platforms to ensure that your tuition is the best it can be. We know that you will be happy and that is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed comprehensive programme to all students! Expert IB tutors All our tutors have done the IB themselves and understand exactly how to teach their subjects and boost your confidence! We only hire the very best to help you prepare for IB success. We give emphasis on holistic learning and our tutors don’t just teach. They get to know each student and provide the positive reinforcement and motivation that leads to success. IB curriculum 1.IB PYP mathematics Tutor 2.IB MYP mathematics Tutor 3.IBDP HL mathematics Tutor 4.IBDP SL mathematics Tutor 5.IBDP Studies mathematics Tutor IB Maths Home/Online Tutor London IB Maths Home/Online Tutor Paris IB Maths Home/Online Tutor Rome IB Maths Home/Online Tutor Berlin IB Maths Home/Online Tutor Vienna IB Maths Online Tutor Amsterdam IB Maths Online Tutor Barcelona IB Maths Online Tutor Budapest IB Maths Home/Online Tutor Madrid IB Maths Online Tutor Copenhagen IB Maths Home/Online Tutor Prague IB Maths Online Tutor Stockholm IB Maths Home/Online Tutor Lisbon IB Maths Home/Online Tutor Milan IB Maths Home/Online Tutor Munich IB Maths Online Tutor New Delhi IB Maths Online Tutor Bangalore IB Maths Home/Online Tutor Dubai IB Maths Home/Online Tutor Riyadh IB Maths Online Tutor Moscow

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Online IB Maths Tuition
Online tuition has allowed me to build a global student base with IB kids from all corners of the world. Many students prefer online tuition as it enables them access to online materials in their own time, as well as store saved lessons electronically.

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